Noah Belcher BBA, CIM®, CFP® Investment Advisor

Noah Belcher combines the expertise of an experienced financial advisory team with the backing of HollisWealth. He offers private investors a wide range of financial services provided with confidence in our client-focused, independent spirit.

As a trusted Investment and Insurance Advisor, Noah’s focus is on building and maintaining a high level of client satisfaction with a consistent and reliable approach. He continuously identifies opportunities for his clients with the vision to build, preserve, and enhance their wealth. He stands behind the three principles of Service, Education, and Direction. These three principles have always been the foundation for every relationship. His vision is to help unique professionals, business owners, and retirees continuously meet their financial goals through a consistent approach. This allows each client to focus on their own personal lives and legacies.

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    “We help our clients take the things in life that they value the most and then we convert those dreams and goals into a financial plan. We work with our clients to help them create savings and investment strategies that will achieve long term goals in their lives. We save our clients time by ensuring they have professional money management in place so that they don’t have to worry about day to day market issues. We gain an understanding of where our clients are in their lives and then we look at various ways we can make their money work for them to make their lives better.”

HollisWealth is one of Canada’s premier independent financial advisory firms with more than 900 advisors across Canada. We have high-calibre advisors who share our dedication to helping investors meet their financial needs and long-term goals. In today’s rapidly evolving marketplace, HollisWealth offers the best of both worlds: an independent investment philosophy that offers investors access to a wide range of financial products, partners and services within a corporate context of security.