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We develop long-term investment strategies that enable our clients to generate consistent, stable returns regardless of day to day market activity.

My tax bill is lower and my net worth is higher, but since my children connected with you we have never been happier!KC

Our long-term approach to investment is to ensure that we keep as much of our clients money working for them as possible. That includes monitoring tax efficiency, fees, etc.

The financial education was such a nice addition over and above our expectations, we always look forward to coming back.” Ian & Jess

We work with our clients to understand their need to save an invest for the long term and then we develop the right strategies to help them get there.

It’s nice to be dealing with investment specialists who truly care, we continue to refer.” Mike & Shara

"We look for long-term growth for our clients. We believe that short-term markets provide investment opportunities, but we avoid trying to outguess the short-term market or price direction.

We needed a reliable and consistent investment approach which was delivered clearly – completely satisfied”. RC

Noah Belcher | Belcher Wealth Management

Noah Belcher BBA, CIM®, CFP®

Investment Advisor, Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
Insurance Advisor, Belcher Wealth Management Inc.

Our mission is to serve others by helping them achieve their financial goals and objectives. Our passions include working with entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals who strive to make a positive impact in their community. With a background in wealth management, personal and corporate finance, our skillset truly makes us unique in the industry.

Our in-depth financial knowledge and experience allows us to provide every client the highest level of service, education, and holistic advice. Noah Belcher is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professional and Chartered Investment Manager. These designations are internationally recognized as the gold standard in the investment industry.

"We work with each client individually to help them achieve a greater standard of life, each client’s success is our greatest compliment."

Denisse Rivera

Denisse Rivera

Licensed Assistant
Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

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